[A]: i have an Alluring White Turnip
[A]: whatchu been doing to my turnips bro

That is all.

Conflag THIS!!
Capernian is an evil, evil, EVIL witch. And Kael should not be randomly MC'ing me when he's not supposed to be able to. Now I have to go try and kill stupid Capernian again at least two more times. KAEL, IT'S GOING TO BE THAT MUCH WORSE BECAUSE YOU'RE MAKING ME DEAL WITH HER. I'M JUST SAYING. JUST LEAVE HER OUT AND WE'LL ALL BE HAPPIER. 

Dear SFK...
Why do you attract so many bad tanks? You made my little priest cry. That's very rude. 

So we zone in and I'm kind of nervous. I have another priest I've leveled to like 68 and highly disliked, but I'm trying again for RAF. I'm not as comfortable with the priest's healing style compared to my other healers, but I'm gonna give it my best shot. 

So, first tank, paladin from somewhere, grabs the quests, says "This is a fast run, keep up", and then bolts down the hall. I head after him, wondering if this is going to bad as bad as I think it will be. It was. He pulls all the packs on the stairs, and half the first hall. And because, you know, pulling everything isn't cool enough, he manages to lose aggro on EVERYTHING. The rogue was super squishy and I couldn't save him, and then I'm OOM before we've even managed to kill 2/3 of the mobs because the mage and the hunter are tanking too, and the pally is dropping like a rock, he's so squishy. I somehow managed to keep the rest alive, and as soon as we're out of combat, I sit to drink and tell the tank not to pull, "I'm drinking, and the rogue is still dead". Tank doesn't listen, and just charges away into the next two packs. Same thing happens, only the rogue doesn't die, and I manage to keep the other people alive through their unintended face tanking even though I'm yet again OOM, because I didn't even get through a third of drinking before the tank was pulling again. I go to drink again, and the pally goes charging off again, and this time we just leave him to flail, while the rest of the party hollers at him, and then he drops group.

Everyone heaves a sigh of relief, and we wait for the next tank, a bear from Tic. He pulls the first boss, and omg, he's squishy, but, not awful. But then he starts chain pulling more than he can handle, and I'm going OOM again because he's not keeping aggro and he's taking WAY too much damage, and when I say I'm drinking, he just keeps going. So I heal through 5 trash packs with 0-15% mana the entire time and somehow manage to keep everyone off the floor. He finally let me drink before the boss, we survive, and  then back to the ZOMG SERIOUSLY YOU ARE NOT COOL ENOUGH FOR 3 PACKS AT ONCE KNOCK IT OFF. Vote kick finally goes off CD and we throw him out. 

Enter, warrior from uh, one of the bad servers starting with D. I've forgotten which one. Very competent, does a good job, little squishy but not bad at all, and it goes pleasantly until the final boss. Where he somehow loses aggro, stands in the bad and it all goes downhill. I manage to kill myself with the boss's health down to 10% by tunnel visioning on the tank, and not paying attention to my own health, even though I'm getting wailed on. They manage to kill him off, and after all that work and crazy healing...I totally botch it, get myself killed, I don't get the XP for killing the final boss and end up two levels behind the friend I'm RAF'ing with. *sob* Such a depressing run.

Moral of the story, omg so many bad tanks, but apparently I can actually heal on a priest. Mostly. >.>
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Why have I not posted here recently? Oopsie....

Drowning in Ink...
Captainetta Obvious would like to point out, milling a thousand herbs a day is a LOT. Just saying... But it means more Darkmoon cards, which means less time I have to do this, so YAY! Arde is SO close to 75. Ok, 7 levels close, but close!!! Need to start questing and keep spamming dungeons. In between insane amounts of milling.  >.> SO. If any of you need ink, or glyphs or whatever, let me know!!

A shiny new journal to blather about WoW!
So exciting! :D Silly screenshots to come soon! 


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